Monday, August 22, 2005

Sam Seder:Too Good For TV...

Yay, look at me, ma, I'm actually posting pictures on here. Anyway, today we've got another entry about undeservingly obscure TV writers. Sam Seder is a duder that definetly deserves to be on the master list there of. He takes a back seat only to the aforementioned Judd Apatow in said category. Seder has been responsible for great show after great show; numerous promising pilots that never got picked up.

The foremost of these is of course the Pilot Season mini-series which aired on the Trio network. Pilot Season was a sequel to Who's the Caboose, an independant film about a pair of romantically intertwined actor/comedians who move out to LA from NYC to try and make it in TV.

The parallels between the project and Seder's own life are numerous. Much like the characters in his film, he sputtered a bit trying to find some solid footing in Hollywood. His 2001 police comedy Beat Cops went no where, even after Conan O'Brien stepped in and helped get the pilot get reshot and aired on Fox. In 2003 he directed the mostly forgotten I'm With Busey for Comedy Central. The show lasted a season and was decent to good. It perhaps deserves a place in the pantheon for exposing the fact that Busey's a nutball(something which VH1 is trying to capitalize on with their current season of Celebrity Fit-Club). Also, I think most casual fans of I'm With Busey never quite realized that the show was scripted.

In 2002, Seder did a voice in Saddle Rash, a flash animated show that once again was very good, but went NO WHERE. He also does some voice work on the Adult Swim show Home Movies, which also features the talents of H. Jon Benjamin who played a major role in both Caboose & Pilot Season.

Finally, in 2004, Seder found some more solid footing when he joined Janeane Garofalo as the co-host of The Majority Report on Air America radio. Some would see radio as a definite step down from TV work, but whatever, a paycheck is a paycheck. Also, very recently, he did the voice of the bug on the Patience episode of Wonder Showzen(fuck that bug). Some might also remember him as the New Yorker Comedy Writer boyfriend from the episodes of Sex & The City where they were in LA.

Seder is yet another talented, overlooked creative force in Hollywood, let's just all hope he can keep a steady job.....


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