Friday, July 08, 2005

Yay, finally some good (or at least lengthy) criticism

Fuck, I'm really hung over. We went up on the reservoir last night and hung out 'til like 2AM or so, then we drove up to a friend's mom's house about 4 miles away and ate a bunch of frozen pizza while "endulging" in some questionable wine. In print, this all might seem like fun but it was really pretty boring. Anyway, we slept at the dude's mom's house and I was just deposited home again a few dozen minutes ago. I should just go back to bed, but I wanna respond t0 some people's comments.

First of all, it should be noted that I've weathered a lot of battles over the years in reguards to my writing(HA HA), and seriously, if yer gonna attempt to "get my goat" or "cheese me off", you're going to have to write something a little better than a dumb, one sentence jobber. Unless there's some real thought behind it, no one, especially not myself is gonna give a fuck about your inanity.

With all that being said, HERE is the one comment I will respond to. Why? Because it's fairly well thought out and well, heh heh, it doesn't ask any really tough questions. I can easily knock this one out of the park.

Let's get into it. Some guy named Jeremiah said:

-"Why do you people fetishize music to the degree you do?"

A-duh, because there is an emotional hole in our hearts(not to make a Genesis reference) and we're all borderline obsessive/addict types and music is just another fix, something to distract from all the inner turmoil. In the hipster spectrum I myself am specifically a rock critc type(i.e. I know a metric dickton about music, but I'm not as obsessive yer classic "record dork" model). For more info on how rock critic types are fucked up read the Lester Bangs biography "Let It Blurt".

Why do we love music so much? Because it's chicken soup for the loser's soul.

-"However, my identity is not wrapped up in what I like to listen to on the stereo. I don't concieve of myself as being a blues man with delta roots just cause I listen to Sonny Boy."

Ummm, my identity IS wrapped up in what I listen to on my stereo because primarily, the music I listen to is made by people like me, ya know, I don't have to PRETEND to be something else because the music IS ME, it IS my experience, i.e.vaguely middle class/blue collar white kids in their 20's with anxiety problems*.

*This does not mean that I'm not a fan of the musics produced by persons that fall outside of that narrow grouping, I'm just saying that this is the area I find most interesting, generally

-"I don't get you people, for your age group you're severely immature."

Nope, no we're not. Recently, there was Time magazine cover story about "Twixters", that ever growing, oh so annoying group of young people that just simply refuse to grow up. WHY is there such a huge group of people like this nowadays? Because the world is far more complex than it used to be(just take a look at all those hipster rules for a good example) and it takes a lot more buggering around before we bungle our way into adulthood. Furthermore, find a good job is becoming increasingly difficult. People are living longer, getting married later and having children well into their late 30's. All the classic rites of passage into adulthood are getting harder and harder to accheive at a young age. Ya know, and SINCE we've living so much longer now, why not stretch out and have some FUN while we're young. Most all of us have had parents that just endlessly toiled their lives away, biding their time until retirement and generally thought is, FUCK, why not live life NOW instead of 40 years from now?

-"The hipster clique discuss dishwater pop with the conviction of a Literature grad student."

No they don't, most hipsters couldn't articulate their way out of a wet paperback(ouch, that one hurt). Also, reguardless of how bad their specific music taste is, most of the "HC" listen to stuff better than dishwater pop, which I'd define as a Brittney Spears or American Idol or something.

-"Yet without any of the academic knowledge or understanding that comes with the craft and study of art."

Ha ha, pure bullshit.. You are specifically criticising "rock critic" types here, a large percentage of which play in their own shitty bands(i.e.the CRAFT) and have degrees in things like english, writing, art, music and/or journalism(i.e.the STUDY)

-"You're still just groping those negro streets looking for your angry fix of identity."

Again this doesn't hold true because we're not LOOKING for identity, this music is just reflecting our identity back at us. It's music made largely by our friends or people in the same situation as ourselves.

-"Grow up man. There is no authenticity. Get over it."

Heh heh, define "authentic experience"...

-"You guys have stunted yourselves somewhere around 16. Traded in your ambercrombies for irony."

Que? I've pretty much dressed this exact same way since I was 13 or so and in reguards to irony, 'tis just one color in the comedic palet. As for being emotional stalled out, I myself am chasing a much more difficult concept of maturity. Ya know, one that involves tolerance, understanding, patience and other murky concept. Something that's far more complex than the old model of "adulthood" which mainly involved a lot yelling at the kids to turn off the light when they left the room and absolutely no self awareness.

-"Modernist irony was born out of the Wasteland of the Great War. "

haha, so full of shit

-"What foul destruction birthed your reverence for faux irony and disaffection?"

Oh yes, you must automatically assume I'm a privledged, upper middle class type. Obviously, tragedy has never visited my doorstep. HMMMMM, let's take a look at that. Okay, I grew up poor, right on the "Simpson line", i.e.RIGHT between middle class and lower class. My parents lost ownership of their house after their business crashed in the 70's recession. Growing up I had a variety of serious, complex health problems which were finally diagnosed as the rare metabolic disorder porphyria. My dad died when I was 16 and sadly, this was the impetus for the family finally getting out of debt(30K of that debt was for my medical bills growing up). Currently, I am on disability because of the porphyria and I live in a bad, bad neighbourhood with many roommates because I can't afford anything better. I will most likely die in my mid 30's because of my many health problems. Furthermore, almost two years ago now there was a show at my old house and a window collapsed, seven kids fell out with one of them dying. This was the second most traumatic event in my life, right after my dad dying and I am currently being sued for 160 million dollars over that whole thing...

So YEAH, I don't know WHY I might've developed a strong sense of humor as a coping mechanism.

-"Did some band of posers break up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn? As a group did you just not get laid enough in high school?"

Okay, this might just be the hangover clouding things, but I don't get the Williamsburg reference.

-"The only corollary I can recall from my youth were the minority of dumb-ass straight edge kids."

Uuuhhhh, corollary to WHAT now? Jesus christ, how fucking old are you anyway, you talk like some curmudgeonly grandpa type, not even understanding basic things like music fandom, yet you are young enough to grow up around straight edgers. Fucking hell, hipsters have been around since forEVER, why is all of this stuff so alien to you?

-"Of course by youth I mean teen years. To be so consumed by group identity in your 20's is just sad."

Yeesh, I think even beyond the humor it's pretty clear that I see myself as being set aside and fundimentally DIFFERENT than your average member of the hipster clique. My identity has, and always will be, self determined. Although, actually, EVERYone is just part of one conformity or another. Read "Nation of Rebels" for more on such topics.

-"Please get a life and give Weezer back their clothes."

Huh? Weezer? Wow, you are so far out of touch that it's actually kinda creepy.....

Alright, I'm gonna go pass out now...