Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Real World" reprints

Heh heh, while I'm in the mood for "Real World" commentary, here's some reprints about past seasons from ye olde local message board. This stuff was written in February of 2004 about the Miami season:

Okay, so who you amungst yinz's having been watching the new season of MTV's "The Real World"? I know I have, & in particular, one character has been drawling my interest. That damn Frankie chick. Whata bitch, heh heh.

For those unfamiliar with the show, lemme try and succintly describe her; basically, she has a boyfriend, and every time she gets drunk she "blacks out" and cheats on him. And then, generally, the next morning, she calls her boyfriend all guilty, even though she "doesn't remember" if she actually cheated on him or not. Frankie's full of shit & arguably the worst girlfriend ever(actually, it was funny, when the last episode was on, I commented to Marvin about how she was "the worst girlfriend EVER" right before she launched into some deluded dialogue with a roommate about how she was "a good girlfriend, a really good girlfriend." heh heh).

Anyway, the reason Frankie's behavior irks me so is because I've known FAR TOO MANY girls like that. Thinking about it, my life seems just like an endless parade of girls that pull that exact same bullshit. Ya know, and seeing it all up there on the TV screen really helped to encapsulate it pretty well. I got to see the entire story and not just the corrupted, one sided(and ultimately, TRANSPARENT) version of events that I'd usually get from the girl in question.

I gotta give a hand to the casting people at MTV, because WHOOO-BOY did they sure pick a person that struck an emotional chord. I hate Frankie(heh heh), I hate her for what she represents. She represents every emotionally stunted, immature idiot who isn't even remotely ready/capable of having a boyfriend(a REAL boyfriend) but still mercilessly persues that goal, none the less. Yep, spread yer disfunction around, stir up some drama, make everyone miserable, just like you(ahahahaha, here's where you should be asking, "Wow, this tyrade of Clint's right here seems to be fueled by some geniune anger and/or rage. I wonder who's the cause of such things?" And then you should think about that for a couple seconds & realize, "Wait, were Clint's OLD rants on this board actually inspired by someone as well? Someone like Frankie? OH MY GOD! WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH!")

But no, I shouldn't exaggerate things, I don't hate Frankie(I DO hate what she represents, though). Watching the show this past tuesday I came to a conclusion, i.e.that what girls like that DO, isn't really all THAT bad, it's just they're going after "goals" that they don't give a fuck about. It's pretty obvious that deSPITE what they say, they DON'T actually want a real boyfriend. These types are more just after an unending stream of guys, someone different every two to three weeks.

Call them slutty if you want(just like I'd call a guy that does the same), but they really aren't doing anything that "wrong". They ain't hurting anybody, really. They're young & stupid, and to a certain extent it's okay that they engage in such dumbfuck-ery. They're sowing their oats and all, getting it out of their system.

The problem IS though, when sluts(male & female) try and conform to that whole "relationship" thing, they eff it up, irrevicably. They attempt to play the boy/girlfriend game because they don't wanna be seen as "an immature slut". Make no mistake, though, they have no business being in those type of situations with people.

They aren't developed/mature enough to DO that type of thing. Ya know, they might claim to "be in love" with their boyfriend or whatever, but how much "love" can there actually BE if the dude is completely erased from their mind every time he's not around. "Oh look at this new guy I just met. I wanna fuck him." That's a common thought for a lot of people, but in the mind of a person actually capable of a genuine relationship, that thought is immediately followed by, "Oh, but wait, I can't, I have a damn boyfriend... oh well". And THEN, AFTER that thought, they actually DON'T fuck the new dude. Immature sluts lack the ability to go through that process(& stick to it).

My point here is, it's okay for the the immature sluts to do what they DO, it's just that they need to stop pretending to have any strong emotional bonds to dudes, because at the end of the day, it's pretty obvious that they DON'T. One of the biggest earmarks of immaturity is the INability to form geniunly intimate romantic bonds with people.

So yeah, they can do what they DO, just as long as they aren't pretending to be something else. At the end of the day, if yer open about being an "immature, dumbfuck slut", then who are you really hurting(besides your self)?


PS.And of course, don't forget the impact of people's mental problems on this type of situation. But hell, being an immature "fuck up" & "fucked up" in head are usually kinda the same thing, anyway.

and then from April of 2004:

"Oh my god, EVERYBODY, don't miss the new episode of the Real World tonight(April 6th).... FRANKIE IS A FUCKING CUTTER.... I fucking KNEW it, you always gotta watch out for girls that wear a lot of bracelets...."

followed shortly there after with:

So let's see, some more commentary after last night's Real World:

1.After all the Dr. Drew disclaimers they had, I felt a little bad for being so flippant about cutters. Or well, I felt bad for about a second until I realized, "God damn, do you KNOW how many of those types I've had to put up with? It's no wonder that I've become desensitized to them, what with all that exposure." One resorts to gallows humor when the only other option they have is to CRY(cops do the same thing). Also, the fact that cutting has become a semi-popular trend amungst depressed teenage girls is disgusting and horriffying. While it still existed 15-20 years, there were barely ANY cutters, now it's all over the damn place. Kinda brings to mind that old nugget, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?" Apparently, if you were a depressed teenage girl craving attention and melodrama, you WOULD.

2.Even though he doesn't get to be on TV much anymore, I somewhat respect Dr. Drew. Although, I'd like to see some serious critisism of him.

3.And the whole "professional help is the solution" thing is nice, but it's not really the "cure", it's not the LAST step, it's the first one. Just because you start seeing a therapist or taking medication, it doesn't automatically mean that yer gonna get better. So many of those types just seem to lack that basic ability to triumph over their adversities. It's as if their whole identity is just being that "depressed teenage girl" and if they can't be THAT anymore, than they have no idea of who or what they are. They like the attention that receive; when someone is bummed out that they are suicidal or whatever, they feel loved. They aren't really familiar with the more healthy ways in which persons express their foundness for each other.

4.Never ever fuck a Frankie-type, it's just asking for trouble. Be their friend, because they ALWAYS need a friend, but you need to even be careful with that if yer of the opposite sex or are someone they could potentially become sexually attracted to; because if you reject their advances, they're gonna be turned on by that and just start hitting on you even more. It can be a very slippery slope. I'll admit that I've been sexually attracted to some of the Frankie-types in my life, but thats mainly just my self-destructive side at work. I KNOW it's a bad decision, but when a girl is hitting on you hardcore for months on end, it can really wear a man down.

5."Frankie Types" are always gonna fuck up over and over again, give them a couple chances, but know yer limits. TOLERATE their bullshit to a certain extent, but don't accept it. Don't treat them like children, always call them on their bullshit, and if they do something TOO fucked up, just stop hanging out/talking to them. I mean, it's just a forgone conclusion that they gonna irrefivicably(sp?) fuck up so many of their relationships and I mean, if yer of the opposite sex(again, IF they're straight) and not related to them, the closer you GET to them, the more likely it is that they're gonna fuck it up, somehow. Cut 'em some slack, but uhhhh, not enough to hang you with... heh heh, mixed metaphors rule....

6.The really annoying part is when they fuck up, BEG for another chance, you GIVE them another chance and they respect you LESS for doing that because deep down they KNOW they don't deserve another chance. It as if they're thinking, on whatever level, "Anyone that would be close friends with me, anyone that would accept me would have to be pretty damn fucked up." If they're gonna be friends with you in the long term, they have to drag you down to their level so they don't feel intimidated by you. Ultimately, they have to hate YOU as much as they hate themselves...

7.It's a delicate balance, be their friend, but don't get too involved in their bullshit because it's just gonna turn on you........