Monday, July 25, 2005

The Problem with "Drawn Together"

Alrighty, time to pull up a chair, young-ins and I'll tell ya 'bout yet another great, yet short lived TV show. "Drawn Together" was basically a parody of reality shows, it featured 8 cartoon characters slapped together in one house, with "camera's following them all the time". The show lasted for a mere 8 episodes before Comedy Central pulled the plug.

Why did things go so sour so quickly? To put it simply, the show just asked WAY too much of it's audience. You had to have a master's degree in pop culture(such as myself) just to understand what the fuck was going on in each episode. Permit me to explain further.

Okay, so first, all of the 8 main characters on the show were parodies of popular cartoon characters. You had Captain Hero who was obviously Superman. Then, you had Princess Clara, who was an amalgam of every Disney fairy tale princess. Then, you had Foxy Love, who uhh, well, was the black one from "Josey & The Pussycats". Then you had Xandir who was Link from Legend of Zelda. They gave you a Betty Boop parody in Toot and a Pokemon spoof with Ling-Ling. THEN, there was Spanky Ham, who's a little harder to nail down, but he's basically a super offensive internet download, something akin to a Space Moose or mayhaps even Trey Parker & Matt Stone's aborted "Princess" project. Lastly, FINALLY, we had Wooldoor who was a take off of Spong Bob.

Confused yet? Baffled by the sheer magnitude of pop culturala? It gets worse, ALL of these characters, as I noted, were SPOOFS of the original. They took the personalities of the original and amplified them in certain ways to make them funny. They made the Link character gay, because well, the original Link was hella gay and his girlfriend was a bitch. Of course, you wouldn't know that unless you've played a decent amount of Zelda in your life.

Next, they pointed out that the Betty Boop character, who WAS a sex symbol in the 20's, just isn't attractive by modern day standards. There's some pathos there. The Princess was bigoted and naive, Pikachoo was homocidal.

ANYway, just with all of this crap, they're already set the "excruciating cultural minutia" bar pretty high for the show. They raised it to evewn loftier hieghts with the fact that they lampoon countless REALITY SHOWS as well. There was an episode with a character that was cross between Donald Trump in "The Apprentice" and Richy Rich. They made numerous references to Frankie, the cutter girl from the one season of "The Real World". The line "What is going on?" from the first season of "The Joe Schmoe Show" was invoked countless times.

Futhermore, they made fun of countless reality shows institutions; i.e.the "confessional room"; the need for there always to be an evil bitch character. The list of stuff like that just goes on and on.

Much like Kevin Smith's "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", you had to have watched a FUCKLOAD of TV before the jokes made proper sense. In the prime era of "The Simpsons" there were an average of 12 pop cutural references per episode, meanwhile, "Drawn Together" averaged like 12 references per MINUTE.

Sadly, people just aren't that media savy yet. Things are better than they used to be, but the world just wasn't ready for a show that requires that much studying beforehand. Maybe in five to ten years the world will finally be able to handle it, but not now.

Anyway, the 8 episodes that were made still run late at night on Comedy Central and there's a DVD of 'em coming out soon.

Great, great, awesome fucking show.....