Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Most Flirting I've Ever Done

Fuck, too many posts about girls tonight. Whatever... Anyway, most people say that the main problem introverts(i.e.a group that includes myself) have in reguards to picking up girls is that they just don't put enough effort into flirting with girls. As I mentioned in an earlier post on here, finding a girlfriend is, at least to some degree, a numbers game. One in ten, one in 20, one in WHATEVER, you just have to keep on hitting on 'em until one of them says "yes". I've "put in the effort" more than enough times at this point. I've been bold, I've been confident. Once I even got a group of my friends to dare me to hit on completely random girls at a show(I was pretty sucessful at that, in a relative sense).

Anyway, here's the post(from May 2003) where I definitively show that I've "put in the effort" before.:

So, in keeping with my vow to only post about girls from now on, lemme tell ya 'bout "Barger Fest". It sucked, of course, but just like always, I MADE it fun, I made my OWN fun. Well, me along with a generous portion of Mad Dog 20/20. It was a grand old time.

The high point of the evening was definetly when, for like an HOUR, I stood at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, and hit on every girl that passed by me. LITERALLY, every single girl. All in total, I probably told fifty some girls that they were hot.

Surprisingly, not one single of them slapped me or even got mad(that actually was the point of it all, to keep on doing it until somebody told me to fuck off). Most of them just giggled and said "thank you".

Some people might suggest that a certain number of them were just being polite, and hiding their contempt at my comments, but lemme you, I am an expert at reading that type of situation. I can tell from miles away when a girl's uncomfortable or just putting up front. Even though I was ripped off my ass, I could still tell that there was no hostility behind their comments, it was all genuine appreciation on their part.

I told fifty girls they were hot, had about ten 5 minute conversations and had probably about 5 fifteen minute conversations with random, attractive chicks.

Now, the main question is of course:Did I get laid? I did not, but that really wasn't the point of the whole evening. Last night was, to put it simply, about me pulling a "real life" version of the stuff I do on this board. Ya know, "fearless", uncompromising and very, very entertaining. If I had actually WANTED to get laid, if that was the real PURPOSE of the evening, I would've done stuff differently. For one, I might've actually tried to remember ANY of the names of the girls I talked to.

And also, it wasn't the usual crowd last night, it was more just "average" people. And like I've said, given the choice, ten times out of ten, I'd go for a scenester chick over some annoying "Sorority Life" reject. I wouldn't lower myself and actually seriously hit on one of those types.

The only type of girl that I'd genuinly flirt with is like girls that I see at shows all the time. They're the ones I respect. There the ones that I'd actually consider spending some time with......

But anyway, does anybody dare me to hit on a lot of girls(and guys?) at the Solar Haus show thursday?


I think the reason I openly invite thoughtful criticism is because I'm hoping that SOMEone SOMEwhere will succintly point out to me just exactly what my problem is. Ya know, as much as I use it as a crutch, I still don't buy all the "fat guy" stuff, it has to be something more, something bigger, there's some other reason why I can't get laid. Some trend, some SOMEthing that just hasn't been identified yet, something that clearly explains my predicament. I mean, I just can't bullshit myself into thinking that my problems are caused by 1.being a fat guy; 2.being an introvert; and 3.being arrogant/smarter than average. I've confronted all those things(I even lost 40 pounds when I was 19) and done real work towards beating them, but it still doesn't matter. There has to be something MORE there.