Thursday, July 07, 2005

A History of Political Alienation

Also from March 30th, 2004(there was an intro type thing on this, but it was boring, so I cut it):

kindergarden or first grade:Reagan vs. Mondale. In the school election I vote for Mondale because my friend said he was gonna vote for Mondale. He didn't though. Mondale lost in our elementary school. I remember feeling a sense of disapointment about that which only deeped when I found out that Mondale lost the real election as well.

4th or fifth grade, the '88 Presidential election: Bush v. Dukakis. Recently I found some old picture of me with a Bush/Quayle sticker on my shirt. I remember being marginally informed on the stances of the canidates. Most of my opinion though was based on the fact that everyone was sure that Dukakis was gonna lose. Also, I think SNL's Dukakis bashing at the time was a major influence on me as well.

In fifth grade, I clearly remember a canindate for governer coming to talk to our class. We had questions prepared for him and he treated the whole situation as the mindless photo-op that it was. This was a mistake though, because after he left, some newpaper dude interviewed our class, asking us what we thought of the canidate. We responded that he didn't give concrete answers to any of our questions and that he mainly just answered with "I'm gonna be the environmental governer" or "I'm gonna be the education governer." The next day in the news, a story appeared about how even fifth graders weren't buying his line of bullshit. He lost... This was prolly the first time I realized that politicians were full of shit

The first Clinton election was maybe when I was in 8th grade or so, I was very well informed on the issues. I supported Clinton mainly because of the universal health care thing. When he came into office and it never happened, I was pissed. That was pretty much the last time I ever trusted anything that any major politician said.

This distrust for both the right & left progressed thru early high school until I discovered the Dead Kennedys & Crass(and others) who were basically just echoing the same sentiments that had been in my head for years.

Ever since then I've been some stripe of anarchist or post-anarchist or whatever, something like that. In the last five or so years, my view of politics has also been tempered by the realization that a lot of people latch onto politics and specifically get into ARGUEMENTS about said things as an excuse to vent the more antisocial aspects of their personality. I realized that in general, self proclaimed anarchists were some of the biggest assholes to ever walk the earth. I was pretty sadly disillusioned when I realized that the majority of "radicals" generally suffered from SOME strip of pronounced mental illness.

THAT view was also tempered buy the realization that EVERYbody's pretty fucking disfunctional, but it's prolly worse in fringe culture groups.

I dunno, I was just so bummed out because I got into all of that thinking these were "the best people in the world", but shortly thereafter, I realized that while they had strengths in areas that your average person didn't, they also had HUGE, HUGE deficits in other areas. Eventually, I came to conclusion that all life is just basically as choice between CRAZY or stupid; PAINFUL or boring, and the path to true enlightenment was the proper balance of both(apparently that's some buddist thing). You gotta take the stability of stupid-boring people and the creativity & excitement of crazy-pain causing people.

Anyway, for related topics, see also my history of religious alienation and my history of just plain alienation in general.