Thursday, July 07, 2005

Further Mining of the Past

March 30, 2004:


So what do you guys think? Is emotional intellegence a different and separate thing from "rational, logical" intellegence? Why is it that some of the smartest people who are quite shining in the fields of math, science, computers, etc., are fucking RETARDED when it comes to people, to interacting, to understanding how and why they do the things they do? They can tell you who won every battle in the Civil War, but when it comes to undersntanding what motivates a person's actions, they just draw a blank.

Alternately, why are there some people that, for all intents and purposes, are as dumb as a bag of rocks, but they still get along fine in this world? Hell, they may not understand exactly what it is that they're doing, but they just seem to have this knack on picking up on how people are feeling. Their brain registers those little subliminal clues and puts its all together for them, without them even realizing it.

How come the "rational, logical" form of intellegence gets so much respect but a person's EQ(emotional quotient) receives so little attention? Have you ever heard someone refered to as an "Emotional Genius"(the dude from SDRE?). Is that ultimately what charisma is(no, "charisma" is just the combination of being well spoken and good looking)?

Is it because it's really hard to MEASURE that type of thing? How do you TELL if someone's a really good person? It's not this blatent, easy thing. It's not direct. It relies on these little, subtle, subliminal, subconscience things that we just don't know all that much about right now. Read as many books on "interpersonal interaction" as you want, but none of them really get it. It's not an exact science....

In the public realm, the more logical stuff is what gets the attention. The guy that invented the A-Bomb is gonna be more reconized than the dude with a bunch of really stable, solid, healthy relationships. Someone that was always loyal to their friends and never fucked anyone over will NEVER be in the spotlight the way some douche-bag CEO making 5 million a year is.

In PRIVATE, though, the EQ is deathly important. That's the shit that will insure that yer happy. You can cure cancer, but that won't stop your kids from calling you an asshole.

But hell, IS a person automatically a "really good person" just because they have a really high EQ? Just because they're masters at picking up on people's emotions/motivations, does that mean they're gonna use that "information" to do something GOOD? Not necessarily...

Is the "EQ" just like the "IQ"? Does it represent potential that, with proper education and/or discipline, can be turned into something turly amazing? Something beyond imagination, almost?

One day, once we know more about all of this, will they teach kids in school "how to be a good person"? Sounds a little fascist to our monkey-brains, but how threatening would that type of thing be if it was as understood as like mutiplication & division or spelling and grammer or something?

And fuck, people with high IQ's, CAN that intellegence be channelled into the emotional end of things? Instead of going into micro-biology, might they study how to be awesome?

Not that we don't have people trying to study that NOW(religion, sociology, psychology, philosophy, ethics, etc.) but like I said, they are all in-exact sciences, and they fall horribly short of the mark(i.e.the EXACT way one can go about becoming an awesome, happy, healthy person)...

I dunno, there are just SOOOO many smart people that are SOOOO retarded in other areas. Heh heh, at the end of the day, people ARE all equal. Ya know, they have their different strengths & weaknesses but when you average it all out, nobody's really any better than anyone else.

Like take me, for example, I know shit-tons about old punk rock, and I can spout-off on shit like this pretty easily, but I can't even get fucking laid, so how in the hell am I better than anyone else..... heh heh