Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The First Rip Off Column

I commented way too much on that other dealie, so I'll keep this short, from January 2002, my first Rip Off column..... It's maybe the first thing that's actually about MUSIC that I've posted on this blog. It's total Rip Off propaganda back from when that type of thing was still fairly cool:

Okay, it all started off somewhere in mid 1996. I was reading MRR, I was only sixteen at the time, so I still took that crap-zine seriously. I was knee deep in a Rev. Norb column. At the time, I really only knew him as that annoying DJ guy from the first Riverdales album. What can I say, I was young and dumb. Two years earlier I was still listening to fucking Nirvana. Anyway, he starts blathering on about some band called the Registrators and the differing hole sizes of their seven inches. I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about, but I stored the band name in my head for future reference. A few months later, I come across a seven inch BY a band called "The Registrators". I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, is this the same band that Norb guy was talking about, or were THEY called "The RegisTRAITORS? Hmmmm....." Also, at the time, I noted how cool and cheap looking the packaging was. I decided to take a chance on the record because even if it WASN'T the same band, the record did LOOK really cool, so that was a good sign.

I bought the record and I liked it. Eventually, I dug out that old MRR and conFIRMED that it was indeed the same band. A few weeks later, I saw the Rip Off Teengenerate single. I bought that as well because the packaging was the same and I kinda knew who Teengenerate was. From there it all snowballed, I bought the Registrators full length when that came out, I bought the old Rip Offs full length and THEN, by March-ish of the next year, when the Loli & The Chones full length came out, I was hooked.

I was a full on Rip Off Records junkie, I bought everything with the Rip Off tag on it. The Registrators, the Infections, Loli & the Chones, ALL of it, and all of it was GREAT. Rip Off never let me down, they still haven't........

It's cool, a modern day label I actually BELIEVE in, a modern day label that actually puts out NEW bands that are every bit as good as the old, 77-82 era bands. Bands that are, in some cases, even fucking BETTER then those old bands. When I hear people complaining about how shitty modern bands are, I just wanna put on that fucking Intimate Fags' single and scream; "Lookit fucktard, SEE, there are still great bands out there. All you have to do is LOOK, fucko." Rip Off is THE label of the now times. Rip Off is the current SST, the current Dischord, the current Dangerhouse. It's MY FUCKING Stiff Records. A great, influential label that I WAS ABLE TO EXPERIENCE FIRSTHAND. It's shaped who I am and informed a LOT of choices I've made in and out of the musical arena. Rip Off Records, pretty much the ONLY fucking label that means SHIT nowadays(although Big Neck is cool to). Rip Off is a label the caters to the record collector, to the rock critic. Rip Off is the label that caters to people that actually KNOW their fucking shit when it comes to punk rock. The release dates on the records, the awesome packaging on the singles AND full lengths, the lack of lyric sheets, the fucking ATTITUDE, which is the main point OF rock'n'roll and punk rock anyways. ALL of that comes together to MAKE Rip Off the fucking amazing, LEGENDARY label that it is.

Punk rock isn't dead, the heart of rock'n'roll is still beating pretty damn LOUDLY on each and every ONE of those Rip Off releases, and if you can't see that, well then, FUCK YOU.................

Moral of the story: Rip Off Records rocks(excla-fucking-mation point).