Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Endless Backlog of Material

Fuck, I should really just change the name of this blog to "Endless backlog of material", because that's all it's really shaping up to be.

From the fall of 2003, BEFORE I read "Sex, Drugs & Coco Puffs" and just after "American Splendor"'s theatrical run.:

I dunno, you ever get the feeling that people in the past could "get away" with a lot more unhealthy behavior because people just weren't as aware of various mental problems back then? The most glaring(and recent?) example of this is the movie "Say Anything". It's been said countless times that if Lloyd Doubler did today what he did back then, he'd be labeled a stalker within seconds(side note:odd though how so many girls nowadays look up to Lloyd though as the "perfect boyfriend" type). It just seems like the past is filled with so many blatent examples of unhealthy behavior and one wonders how it never raised an eyebrow back then. Why didn't people say, "Oh my god, that dude's obviously a psycho." I mean, none of you have seen it, but "American Splendor" is FULL of behavior that would just never fly nowadays. You do that stuff today and you'd just be crucified.

Back then people just had so little knowledge of personality disorders and stuff that was way over the line of "neurotic" would just be waved off with a "Oh, that's just Johnny, he's a little off in the head."

Of course, the flipside to this is that now more than ever, the dialogue and treatment of such things has been built up so much that it's actually forseeable that a person could really beat these type of problems WAY more consistantly than they could back then. What used to be a lifelong problem can now just be a stumbling block for a few years or so.

You can label the modern day environment as being "bad" because it's "less tolerant" of those type of things, but that's just because they are aware of how distructive these behaviors can be and how they can disrupt EVERYthing. Less tolerant in THAT capacity, but perhaps far more tolerant about talking in depth about such problems and attempting, with some success to actually TREAT them...

Of course though, now that the old problems have been identified and people know to avoid those behaviors, they're just developing new, more complex modes of self distructive interaction that are much harder to figure out. Also, nowadays people seem to "own" their problems like never before. They can tell you exactly how they're fucked up, they KNOW exactly what is wrong with them, and perversely they seem to take pride in their mental disorders. Ya know, instead of attacking that problem and trying to beat it, they just pretend to laugh it off, as if it doesn't matter. As if their whole shattered reality is nothing more than a prank they're pulling on the world.

Of course though, this is basically just a "prank" they're pulling on themself, because they just can't STOP all of this whenever they want to. Making it all into a huge gag is a way for them to pretend like they have some control over their problems, but it's really just anti-thetical to their recovery because all they're doing is avoiding all those really hard questions. Along with people "owning" their problems more and more nowadays, they are also claiming with increased frequency that their emotional problems are COMPLETELY chemical in nature.

Believe me, they're not, even if they start OFF that way. A lot of those negative feelings end up being the result of ACTIONS, fucked up actions, not just chemicals. Fer example:You have a fight with your boyfriend because of chemical problems; the fight un-earths other tentions in your relationship; you continue to fight; you break up. Now you are depressed because you have broken up with your boyfriend. The chemicals in your head unbalanced things, but YOU are the one that tipped it over.

If your life is constant doom and gloom and you're ALWAYS fighting with people, it ain't so much "chemical imbalances" as it is YOU dealing POORLY with things and making BAD CHOICES that aggravate your problems.