Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hitting on ALL the girls?

Alright, so recently, a friend of mine was telling me about the past attempted dating exploits of a mutual friend who is currently in a long term, stable relationship. "Yeah, I'm so glad they started going out, because before that he'd just so awkwardly hit on all the girls in the scene." The gist of it was that he was seen as somewhat of a loser type before his current girlfriend.

This got me thinking; what with the small numbers of girls in the scene/community, what options does a guy really have? Your average nice guy, he'll maybe have some "romantic luck" with about one in ten girls that he attempts to flirt with. The problem is, when was the last show, specifcally BASEMENT show, that you went to that had at least ten clearly available girls? A lot of the girls are in relationships, one or two are gay, others are underage, a couple have prolly recently gone out with a good friend of yours(i.e.off limits) and then there's the few gals that are just terminally single. After you whittle down the numbers, yer usually left with like three or four choices and nothing else.

What do you do? What do you do? If you only have luck with one in ten girls, you clearly have to hit on all 4 of those girls if you even want to remotely have a shot, BUT, and this is a big but, it's really fucking tacky to be that guy that hits on every single girl. Furthermore, why do these girls deserve so much attention? They never did anything worthwhile other than being born with a vagina. Why should they be showered with the attention of over two dozens males? I know guys aren't all that picky when it comes to girls, but well, we have to have SOME kind of taste, or preference, or something, I dunno....

Also, it's really irksome because it seems that most people's gauge of whether a guy is a loser or not by whether he's currently getting laid. No matter how shitty a relationship might be, a lot of people that hold that guy in higher esteem ONLY for the fact. The guy that I mentioned at the top of this, before his current girlfriend, girls saw him as a fucking loser, but now he's seen as one of the most awesome guys in the scene, there's not one single person around that will say a bad word about him. Needless to say, but if this guy is so bitchin', why didn't some girl snap him up back when he was oh-so-painfully available?

Girls in general have horrible taste in guys, while guys just don't have any taste at ALL in girls. Eeeeeeh, fucking hipster culture, I hate it, but I'm stuck here because I'm an immature coward just like everyone else......oh well