Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bill Odenkirk:The Rules of Fancypants-ing

Alright, so speaking of criminally overlooked comedy writers with impeccable pedigree, lets hear a hand for Bill Odenkirk(YAY!)? For those unfamiliar, Bill Odenkirk is the brother of BOB Odenkirk from "Mr. Show with Bob & David". Bill is the junior brother of the two and can be seen in a few on screen roles in various Mr. Show episodes. Most notably he was "Fancypants" in an early season.

Bill started out as a writer on Mr. Show and also helped write the short run Tenacious D HBO series. After both of the aforementioned went caput, he moved onto the great "Futurama" where he was one of the main creative forces. After "Futurama" folded he was uhhhh folded into the writing staff of the Simpsons and in the last two years he has played an integral role in turning around that old bloated dinosaur of a show.

Some might consider Bill to be more of a "second tier" type writer who's just riding on the coat-tails of his brother, but ever since "Futurama" he's really come into his own and is undeniably a top shelf talent...